Hi guys, I realised that there's many broken MF links. But I don't have the time to check everything due to rl.
So if you happen to know which one is broken, do leave a comment here!
And anyone who has the file and is able to help me with the new links, please go ahead and do so.
Thank you very much!! <3


Tokudane with Sho's interview fixed!

Hello community

Welcome to very-nadegata <3
Couldn't use nade-gata again so I chose to quote Sho and his "I have very...nade gata"
At least the word nade-gata is still in. Damn, I've grown too attached to this word >_<
Anyway, crapping aside,

How to join:

It's a moderated community so

1. Comment and write who is your favourite member (you can write anything, all of them, a certain pairing...anything! As long as it's the correct JE group-.-) You can even write an essay. I promise I read all of them even though I don't reply

2. click 'join community' at the top of the page. Make sure that you have validated your email/disabled your privacy options (Just in case some of you are new to livejournal. These are really important steps in order to get added. And I have to admit I get pretty ticked off when someone pm me and I type a long reply, only to realise that I CAN'T SEND THE PM. Yes it's that annoying T_T)